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Welcome To My Home Page, KR2S Homebuilt


My name is Dubi Gefen.

I have great wife, Livna and 3 kids Lital, Ohad and Tamir.

We are living in ISRAEL in village which is call Maanit.

My professional is computer reserch, mathematics and physics.

Today I am seating in the management of the factories group which are produce Fructose, Glucose and Starchs.

I have exceptional hobbys, flying and building aircraft type KR2S which his future name will  be 4X-OLD.

Within of this web I am going to show the progersing of my homebuilt aircraft type KR2s.


Progress date of KR-2S: 

2006 - Working on Fuselage, Canopy. Turtledeck.

2007  - New hangar, working on Fuslage, Canopy

           and Front-deck  

           Turtledeck ended, Vertical-stabilazer ended

            Horizontal-stabilazer ended, Spars almost ended 

2008 - Starting Wings construction, working on Control.

           working on Left-wing, install foam plates on the Left-wing

2009 - Working on Right-wing,

           Prepering surface area of the Left-wing.

2010 - Working on: Right-wing, Flap, Control, Main-gear,

           Aileron and Tip.

2011 - Working on wing-tip, tanks, Aileron-Balance. 

 2012 - Working Center seaction, Fule tank and Pinting-schame 


19-Jan-13   -- Vertical stabilizer and Center wing

14-Apr-13  -- Trim-tab and Seats 

17-Aug-13 -- Working on pedal-rudders and elivator.

10-Nov-13 -- Rudder cable, Front of firewall and Tank header. 

What new

Page 10. control:



 Page 18. Tanks:

      Tank header.


 Page 22. Front of firewall:

       Heat barrier and S.S

You invited to write your comment to:   "dubi_g@maanit.org.il"

Nice homebuilt aircraft KR-2S